Art Glass benetti - verified mixture of components subjected to thorough processing.

Since the preparation of blends, future glass elements are a complex manufacturing process.

After mixing the glass mass is cooked in special glass furnaces with a gradual increase in temperature from 700°C to 1400° - 1480°C, then cooled and processed by molding or blow molding.

Hallmarks blown products are small wall thickness, high transparency, a variety of more complex shape, and after forming the thick-walled articles are more, less transparent, but usually supplemented various relief features.

Benetti glass elements can be produced in a basic version or with the effects of Crackle, or satin glass and fiberglass.

For example, when the ceiling is decorated with a grid of thin frost, frosted patches or has ridges and valleys of various sizes of clear and colored glass or colored threads made out in the form of spirals, parallel bars, etc.

Finished products are processed further, if necessary, by means of etching, deposition luster paint or engraving drawn or hand painting. For certain kinds of art glass products use a combination of various ornaments.

Some fixtures are equipped with shades made of tempered glass, more resistant to mechanical stress and temperature extremes.