Shade - one of the most unusual elements of lighting design, its charm and romance collections ceiling chandeliers. Textiles is able to emphasize the luxury and ease of set off, transforming the space or add tranquility. A variety of textures, colors and prints create a special mood of the interior.

Chandeliers benetti, decorated textiles, have been used not only in the interiors, designed by the classic, renaissance, retro or country, but also in high-tech style, which effectively combines contrasting fabrics.

The source of inspiration for the development of textile items is a collection of famous fashion houses. Recent trends in the fashion world and are viewed in the collections of luster benetti.

Official textile palette includes classic white, beige, steel, silver, gold, turquoise, pink, red, garnet, gray and black colors and more shades of blue, green, aqua, ivory, champagne, etc.

In addition to the variety of color benetti famous for using fabrics and original prints. Recently, the most popular purchased a Mediterranean motif and style of Provence, cell, abstract and floral prints. And the most common steel chandelier in minimalist style, simple and concise.

Modern technologies allow designers to textile production benetti implement bold ideas, and make it not only looks attractive, but also practical in use. Special synthetic fabric treated with an antiseptic, resistant to external influences, not fade and has a high light transmitting properties.

Due to the large selection of colors textile lampshades, different densities of material and finish are the most exclusive real masterpieces of art lighting. A similar in style lamps or floor lamps are a wonderful addition to the chandelier with a fabric shade. They give the interior a feeling of fullness and completeness.